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May 2016 news

I'm Senior Designer with James Grace Staircase Renovations & look forward to helping more delighted customers.  This company is ran by Scott Storey - we worked together @ Neville Johnson - now called "The Dark Side". 
With a less active property market, people are improving rather than moving so the hallway is now another room to look at.
Our prices are cheaper - guaranteed!

Speaking info:-

In 2009 together with 3 friends / business contacts we started A1 Speakers - part of International Toastmasters & we meet @ Jurys Inn, Newcastle.
We then started a 2nd club - Elvet Speakers, based in Durham & now welcome two more - Talking Shop in Sunderland & Castle Communicators in Morpeth.

Why not pop along to one of our meetings - check the link below for the next date - it's totally free & I guarantee that you'll have fun!

How can I help you?

I like to think that I've been educated at The University of Life.  I used to be a Bank Manager but I want you to know that I've been going straight for 13 years now. 

I'm happy to chat & explore areas of common interest. 

Family info:-

You know what - we spend so much time racing round - business this, business that - we probably ignore our family or spend too little time with them.

My advice - next time that you can, look around your family & give them all a hug & tell them how much you love them.

Sometimes, it's too late - just remember, we're only here once & for such a short while at that. . . . . .

All views expressed are my own - if someone has expressed similar thoughts in a better way then I'll probably pinch them - imitation etc etc. . . .

If you are easily offended then I'm sorry - it's a chemical reaction in your brain so my advice is to get yourself checked out.


AYERS Rock - also known as ULURU

Favourite Links

A Sky Filled With Shooting Stars


James Grace Staircases

A1 Speakers


Tom, Steve & I - founders of A1 Speakers.  Mick Rickwood who's d'Artagnan to our Three Musketeers wasn't available for this pic but was as big a part as any of us!


Some of A1 Speakers @ our Charter Dinner on 10/04 where we were joined by the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress, Mike & Dorrie Cookson.

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This is MY site - everyone seems to have one, so why not me? 

It's part work, part family & part fun which is regularly updated - so welcome to my own web-based Geordie Zeitgeist.

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Planet Angel of the North - stunning artwork from my good friend, Paul Keating of redboatphoto - click on the pic for his link. . . .


The Angel Of The North - a real Geordie Icon


Crossing the line in GNR 2010 - it felt soooo good!

Most Sales People have an anal/cranial inversion


. . . .but not me as I am an oxymoron. . . . . .an Honest Salesman! 

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Remember - if you are different, you will stand out.

If you stand out, then people will remember you!